November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

Almost four years ago, our lives were changed forever. One minute I was rushing around last minute packing for an international trip, the next the airline was calling to say my flight was cancelled. Now, we had a full weekend to do whatever we wanted. I ran to get us breakfast at the local donut shop. As I was setting the table, my husband called our son down.

Like all little boys, he jumped those last two steps. He landed pretty hard took two more steps and then collapsed. I heard my husband call his name several times and each time was slightly more panicked. I rounded the corner from the kitchen to find my son on the floor having a seizure. We promptly called 911 and waited desperately anxious for the paramedics to arrive.

By the time they arrived, he was back to normal. But, off to the children’s hospital we went. In the ER, we were taken back pretty quickly. He was given a CT scan and admitted. As scary as all of that was, the thing that stood out, for me, was my husband freaking out at the cafeteria worker who was trying to take the dinner order for our son. My normally calm and collected husband was going bat guano crazy. Generally I am the one who gets wound. But, on this day, at this moment, it was him. I had to intervene and calm the ruffled feathers.

Since we knew we were spending the night, I ran home to get a few things for the little guy and the big guy. Since we didn’t know how long we would be in the hospital we had already started dividing shifts – husband had the night shift, I would take the day shift.

Luckily, we didn’t need to make the adjustments. We went home the next day with a diagnosis of epilepsy. This started our journey into epilepsy. We have been through multiple medicines, a kiddo who had to wear a hockey helmet to school daily, more trips to the ER than I care to count, a tethered spinal cord surgery and 2 major brain surgeries.

The kiddo still needs twice daily medication and will likely need it for the rest of his life. However, we are the lucky ones. Our son can control his seizures via medication. Many others can’t. So, in honor of this, I am turning my page purple. The only way we can create awareness is to talk about.

Someone I love more than life itself has epilepsy. I wear purple for him.



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