Getting back a little TIME!

This week, Time Magazine released an issue with a tag line, “Are you Mom Enough?”  I don’t think I can express enough how insulted I am by this. 




First, the picture was a bit revolting.  Now, let me say, I have nothing against breast feeding.  I breast fed my little cupcake.  However, I don’t want to explain to my now 10 year old, while standing in line at the grocery, why that toddler is attached to that woman’s breast.


It is the right of every woman to breastfeed.  I don’t judge those who do or don’t.  But, that stance on the cover is not about breastfeeding, it is about making a statement.  It is about creating a provocative response to sell magazines. 


So, if the picture wasn’t enough to wind me up (and yes, it really was), then the question “Are you Mom Enough?”  Well, the answer is definitively, YES, I AM.  And, I damn skippy don’t need Time Magazine asking me if I am.


Every mother out there has at one time or another felt inadequate.  We have all felt certain that we were screwing up our kids.  So, I don’t need a magazine reminding me about my guilt.  And, that they would do it the week of Mother’s Day is even more astoundingly stupid.  Do they plan to publish a magazine the week of Father’s Day asking men, “Are you Dad Enough?”


You can bet your sweet ass cheeks they won’t.  But, it is okay to do that to women!  Now, I haven’t read this article and honestly, I have no intention of reading it or any other issue of Time Magazine ever again.  But, not only is is an unnecessarily provocative article, it is poorly timed.


The world is an awfully judgy place.  And, trust me, moms are super judgy.  So, why put something out there that gives moms more ways to abuse other moms.  At the end of the day, we are all just trying to make it.  We are working hard to make sure that we raise smart, independent little people that don’t grow up to be serial killers.  Do we really need Time Magazine asking us if we are ENOUGH.  I don’t think we do.  So, I plan on getting a little TIME back in my life by not reading this magazine. 


And, I encourage all of those mothers out there who are doing their best, and not taking their kids to the tanning bed (yeah that was a bit judgy), to sit back this weekend, relax and not read TIME.