Three Weeks and counting…

 So, we’ve been home for a little over three weeks.  For the most part, our not so little one (NSLO) is doing great.  He is still experiencing seizures but they are milder for the most part.  Last week, however, we had a scare.

On Thursday evening, he had a seizure.  It was no worse or better than normal until we got to the postictal phase.  Physically, he came out of it just like normal.  However, then he couldn’t talk.  He wanted to, he could understand our questions, he just couldn’t talk.  So, off we went to the ER.

For, those of you who have never experienced an ER in the evening, it is quite an experience.  You can’t help but look around and think what is wrong with some of the people.  They all seem fine.  Then you realize that they are probably looking at you exactly the same way; because, of course by now, NSLO is bouncing off the walls.

Several hours later, we are informed that there is a hemorrhage and they want to do some additional testing.  So, we could go home and call back in the AM to schedule the testing.  Needless to say, that didn’t go over well.  Eventually, we were admitted and spent the next two nights in the hospital.

Friday morning, NSLO went through an MRI and an EEG.  Then we got an additional scare when they called back and asked that we keep him NPO – which usually means they are about to take him into surgery.  Eventually, they came back and let him eat.  There is a hemorrhage but it is normal based upon the surgery he had.  We stayed a few nights at the hospital to be safe and then went home.

As scary as all of this is, it wasn’t the worst thing that happened.  The worst was when my new boss critiqued my out of office message (I had left off a point of contact) that was set at 2 in the morning when I thought my son was seriously ill.  Now, I wouldn’t have minded the point out except for the way it was handled. 

I despise false people of all kinds and this was so fake and false and at the same time punitive as to be laughable.  All I can say is that I am getting lots of life lessons on how NOT to manage people, can’t say I am learning much else.  And, I am getting lots of practice in acting like I like people I really can’t tolerate.  And, socially inept people really shouldn’t be allowed to manage others.