Getting My Groove Back

For the last 22 years, I have been constantly employed. Oh, I have taken vacations, I went out on maternity leave, but, I have always had a job, until a month ago. Then, the company that I worked for decided that my 22 years of experience wasn’t quite right for them so they eliminated my position.

While at first, I was devastated, after a 20 minute cry, I was thrilled.  I had gotten a nice severance package, I am well respected in my industry and truth be told I had just had a final interview with a great company two days before.  Additionally, I had been doing some private consulting for months so I had another stream of revenue coming in already.  So, all in all, it wasn’t a bad thing.

However, how does a strong type A personality who has never NOT had a job, relax into gainful unemployment without going INSANE, driving her husband insane or just generally jumping off the nearest high rise?  This is the story of how I did just that.  How, I decompressed my brain, relaxed my body and thrived while unemployed.  And, who knows, maybe I will be better for it.